VISITS 193031
1.1. is a private site of public use. It belongs to the YTARISTA GROUP and all rights are reserved.
1.2. Contain of the site cannot be used by an external to this group party without the written authorization of the owner of the site.

2.1. Votes are open to everyone. No registration is required. Users can only vote once for each movie.
2.2. uses COOKIES to prevent voters from voting more than once in one movie. But this method is not 100% reliable. reserves the right to erase suspect votes, that means multiple, identical, extreme, sent during a small period of time, and most important, from the same IP votes.
2.3. Every erase of votes will be annonced on the HOME PAGE announcements and on the pages of the social networks - FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+.
2.4. You can verifie the introduction of your vote by clicking on the link 'Votes :', underneath the rating.

3.1. Users need to vote first before submitting a review.
3.2. The rules on the votes in the paragraph '2.2.', are applicable also on the reviews.
3.3. All reviews must be in english.
3.4. Reviews must be written in respectful non blasphemous termes. Reviews which don't respect these conditions will be rejected with no warning or announcement.
3.5. Reviews are presented in the order of their post, the newest on top.